Monday, August 31, 2009

Windows Without A Frame

At the moment we seem to have hit a snag, and I'm not sure it comes down to the weather or contractors.
The only movement on the block for the past two weeks has been the soil being pushed back up against the slab to prevent any earth or slab movement and the arrival of the before posted frame wood and now our glass and window frames have arrived.
I'm a touch concerned that they have been left out in the open for the weekend with the potential hail weather being predicted.
We will wait until Wednesday to give the SS a call if we haven't seen anything by Tuesday.
..hoping its just a hickup with weather or another site running OT

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Check Up!

Nothing to report as yet, as we haven't been out to the block.

So... I think tonight might be the night, we might 'mosey' on out there and have a 'geezer' and see what progress there is.

..Hopefully lots!?!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Plantation Shutter Plans

1 // This is probably the colour we're looking at, but not remote controlled obviously

2 // This is probably the length of each set. We've got two (one connects the rumpus and lounge rooms and one connecting the dining and passage to the bedrooms)

3 // Just another shot showing what they look like in larger portions.

The display homes showed off the idea of plantation shutters so much that it was one of the reasons we chose the plan we did. We really like how you can make a feature out of them and they seem to bring another dimension to the house.
I think its mainly because we are really into entertaining, the idea of being able to open them out so the rooms feel bigger, yet if we're watching a movie in the rumpus we can close it up and seperate the rooms as if they room normal walls.

Semi Recessed Basin's

We've decided on 'Semi Recessed' square bathroom basins, they will be placed like these photos on a double door cupboard with mocha doors and a mesh style bench top (refer to colours).

My questions are,

1. Will there be enough room for my wifes mountains of bathroom 'stuff'?
2. Its been noted by some more 'experienced' cleaners that there maybe an issue with cleaning them because they are square?
3. How awesome do they look?!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Frame Plans

Had a call from our SS, who said everything is coming along nicely.

Carpenter is scheduled to start on Monday, so should see some movement this week.

Appreciated the contact though, M3tricon have been more than helpful and focused so far.


Should have some photos this week then..

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bedroom Colours

1// We've looked at a wallpaper that is a lot like the art work on the wall, I love the depth of colour splashed with silvery grey tones with a hint gold and texture
2// The more I look at the colours here the more I love it, the green fuzed with the purple bounces off the dark furniture. Seems calming and wise, but youthful and aware of itself.

3// Same tones that seem to be flowing through the house... maybe a little too the same

All these photos are just colour pallettes and thoughts.

Living Area Colours

1// Thinking that this might be a colour pallette I'd be interested in getting in our sitting room, the room is probably only a 3rd of this room. But with roman blinds, we have black couches currently so I think with my gaming fandangle we might be able put something along these lines together.
2// This room is probably the size of the sitting room as per pic 1. But I'm thinking a deeper, warmer green might go nicely in our Rumpus room. Due to the size of the windows we've decided on a greyish dark designed roman blind which would go nice with some earthy green.

3// Another idea towards the rumpus room, bit deeper, the only difference will the colour of our wood shutters will be a darker stain, almost black even.

4// Loving the lights and wood shutters, the shutters are probably what we are aiming at.

Its Raining...

Went out to the plot on Wednesday for some reason, couldn't really help myself, obviously nothing more has been done but its turned into some sort of obsession.

Like when you were a kid and you got something in the mail and the excitement of seeing what it was...

So no photos or anything to show, the wifey has decided that she is being left out so she wants to check it out tonight but I doubt there will be any developments due to the weather today.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Watching For A Frame

After gym I just couldn't help myself last night, I just had to go and have a look if anything else had changed, and true to our SS's word. More work has been done, prep has been done to the slab readying it for the frame and some of the frame has been delivered.

Fantastic work, I'm impressed with the proactive work by these boys so far. Very nice.

Alittle scarey how exciting its become, hopefully be able to reign in a bit and leave it go for a week or so and come back and be blown away. See how we go.

Colour Selections

Some of the textures samples don't show, but it gives you an idea of our selections. I cropped our kitchen bench top sample so you can see atleast a little bit of the wood finish.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Lay of the Slab

1// Entertaining area just needs a seat and an esky full of beers!
2// Welcome to the 'Casa De Monkey'

3// You can see the step down to the carport..
So there it is, step one, the bottle neck is completed, and now we can have multiple contractors doing their thing all at the same time. We're expecting the frame to be up in the next week or so and bricks to be on their way up by the end of August.
Just as a side note, these photo's that I'm blogging are from my phone, hence the quality. Hopefully later I'll put some of the camera photo's up, especially when we start getting to the lock up stage.

The Santorini 26

This isn't our actual plan, we've changed maybe only a sliding door in the pantry and thats about it.

Everyone loves a waffle .. pad

Waffle pads are set and ready for cementing, finally starting to settle in and realise that this is all really about to happen.
We had only started this journey in April and its currently August... our building supervisor has advised us that we should be in before xmas.. Imagine that.. our big christmas tree in our big home.

The Cut of the Land

After some 'trouble' with the banks, waiting almost 2 months for a confirmed commitment from the bank. Nothing against the banks as they were extremely helpful, our broker was fantastic and was always in touch. Even the real estate agent was terrific, keeping in touch with us as well as the broker.
So now our land was cut ready for a slab.

Removal Of Stumps

With some extraordinary help of friends and family we were able to chop the tree's down to stumps, I do have some more photo's of us actually do the work but I think this is enough to tell the story.

After we go it down to stumps we were able to get the stumps removed and the land cleaned up ready for the cut.

Entering the Home Building Experience

1// Us looking at our plot, about to lop the 13 tree's

2// You can see the slight trench that runs around our 860m2 lot, gives you an idea of the amount tree we needed to get rid of.

Well, where do you start? It was strange, my wife and I were just sitting down having tea and she'd been off with friends talking about houses and building.

We knew that after travelling we would need to get into jobs as soon as we could, get some money saved and started building as soon as possible. But it's strange how it just all seemed to come like a waterfall.

We just talked about it for 5 minutes at our kitchen table and it felt like, 'pop', appeared a broker who took 5 minutes to explain the in's and out's of what we would need to do.

Then, 'pop', the broker turned into our real estate agent who gave us a 5 minute run down of what we would be looking at. Meeting him on some land I think it took us maybe 15 minutes to decide on the plot.

A bit of a 5 minutes montage of advertising and display homes, maybe a few decisions on what not and we were signing on the design of home with the sales rep for Metricon.

So the decision process to build a home that possibly would be our 'families life home' took us approximately 35minutes.