Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bedroom Colours

1// We've looked at a wallpaper that is a lot like the art work on the wall, I love the depth of colour splashed with silvery grey tones with a hint gold and texture
2// The more I look at the colours here the more I love it, the green fuzed with the purple bounces off the dark furniture. Seems calming and wise, but youthful and aware of itself.

3// Same tones that seem to be flowing through the house... maybe a little too the same

All these photos are just colour pallettes and thoughts.


  1. wow, we can use some of these pics for ideas for our own home :) .. how's the excitement keeping you now .. btw, where exactly are you building? i couldn't find that on your blog! cheers!

  2. some nice colours huh, we're in Bendigo,VIC

  3. I really love the second ones combination too, but they are all nice.