Monday, August 24, 2009

Semi Recessed Basin's

We've decided on 'Semi Recessed' square bathroom basins, they will be placed like these photos on a double door cupboard with mocha doors and a mesh style bench top (refer to colours).

My questions are,

1. Will there be enough room for my wifes mountains of bathroom 'stuff'?
2. Its been noted by some more 'experienced' cleaners that there maybe an issue with cleaning them because they are square?
3. How awesome do they look?!


  1. We're getting exactly the same! On a caesarstone/granite bench top with chocolate cabinets. I've seen them at a display centre and one good thing about semi-recessed is that you can stand under them and don't have to bend too much .. also gives you more space in the bathroom .. as for lady stuff, believe me .. you give em more space, they'll stack em up more :D

  2. Do you really need an answer for 1? There will never be enough room! :)