Thursday, August 20, 2009

Living Area Colours

1// Thinking that this might be a colour pallette I'd be interested in getting in our sitting room, the room is probably only a 3rd of this room. But with roman blinds, we have black couches currently so I think with my gaming fandangle we might be able put something along these lines together.
2// This room is probably the size of the sitting room as per pic 1. But I'm thinking a deeper, warmer green might go nicely in our Rumpus room. Due to the size of the windows we've decided on a greyish dark designed roman blind which would go nice with some earthy green.

3// Another idea towards the rumpus room, bit deeper, the only difference will the colour of our wood shutters will be a darker stain, almost black even.

4// Loving the lights and wood shutters, the shutters are probably what we are aiming at.

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