Monday, August 17, 2009

Entering the Home Building Experience

1// Us looking at our plot, about to lop the 13 tree's

2// You can see the slight trench that runs around our 860m2 lot, gives you an idea of the amount tree we needed to get rid of.

Well, where do you start? It was strange, my wife and I were just sitting down having tea and she'd been off with friends talking about houses and building.

We knew that after travelling we would need to get into jobs as soon as we could, get some money saved and started building as soon as possible. But it's strange how it just all seemed to come like a waterfall.

We just talked about it for 5 minutes at our kitchen table and it felt like, 'pop', appeared a broker who took 5 minutes to explain the in's and out's of what we would need to do.

Then, 'pop', the broker turned into our real estate agent who gave us a 5 minute run down of what we would be looking at. Meeting him on some land I think it took us maybe 15 minutes to decide on the plot.

A bit of a 5 minutes montage of advertising and display homes, maybe a few decisions on what not and we were signing on the design of home with the sales rep for Metricon.

So the decision process to build a home that possibly would be our 'families life home' took us approximately 35minutes.

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