Monday, August 31, 2009

Windows Without A Frame

At the moment we seem to have hit a snag, and I'm not sure it comes down to the weather or contractors.
The only movement on the block for the past two weeks has been the soil being pushed back up against the slab to prevent any earth or slab movement and the arrival of the before posted frame wood and now our glass and window frames have arrived.
I'm a touch concerned that they have been left out in the open for the weekend with the potential hail weather being predicted.
We will wait until Wednesday to give the SS a call if we haven't seen anything by Tuesday.
..hoping its just a hickup with weather or another site running OT


  1. well I think if the windows are sitting out there like that the builders will be down there pretty quick because they won't want them stolen! So it's good for you... lol

  2. exactly what i thought! i don't see any fences (or they there?). so they must've planned on being there sometime soon.. good luck with the weather and the work :)