Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Photos Of The Wrap 3/3

Since taking these shots the roof tiles have gone up and the sparky has been all the way through and setup for the power points etc. So next step will be plaster works, I guess. Oh and soon as the rain and wind stops roaming around the bricks will be done.

1// Extra Tile Supplies

2// Hole in the roof

3// Rear shot of the house

4// New addition to the family 'Coco' (left) taking 'Jax' (right) for a walk

5// Solar hot water panels (there is now an antenna installed since the sparky has been)

Photo Of The Wrap 2/3

1// Kitchen with (front left to right) Bedroom 3, Laundry, Bathroom, Toilet, Bedroom 2

3// Unfortunately ALOT of the tiles came broken, for the weekend there was a large gap

4// One of the piles of broken tiles

5// Second pile of broken tiles

5// Third pile of broken tiles

Photo of the Wrap 1/3

Thought I'd give you all a few photos of our wrapped house, obviously youve seen the framed rooms before so I've tried to keep it quick.

1// Front Entrance
2// Sitting Room

3// Master Bedroom

4// Ensuite, Walk In Robe and Family Room Behind

5// Rumpus

Monday, September 21, 2009

Its In The Bag Baby!

SS has advised us that now the house is bagged they will start the electrical and plasterwork inside and they have organised a bricky team to start sometime this week!

So expecting the place to be pretty much bricked by the end of this week, start of next!

....More photos to come of the roof, we had ALOT of broken tiles so there has been a gap in our roof for the weekend, solar panels are up and plumbing is done except for the A/C unit being installed.

Light Fittings

We've just had a consultation with our electrician, working out if we need to change anything, we've actually added a handful of things (of which I hope we can afford). I guess that spending the money now will save us in the long run.

Here is a few of the pendants and feature lights we are thinking about putting up, all depends on what we find on our trip to Melbourne this weekend, seeing if we can find a bargin or three. Also wanting some up and down external lights.

1// Dinning Table Chandelier

2// Kitchen Floating Bench Top (maybe this or pic 4?)

3// Master Bedroom or Entrance Way

4// Kitchen Floating Bench Top

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

...With A Roof Over Our Head

As you can see, as we were told, the roof tiles would be on by the end of this week!

There they is!

Bricks are the only things left on the site to go on, so I'm guessing bricking will start late this week, start of next week and plaster and bagging at the same time? Or bagging first? I don't know?

...might give the SS a quick bell this Friday... very exciting!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gutters Are Up!

I know I only posted earlier today, but wifey went out and saw that not only are the windows and roof trussess done, but the guttering is up! So I guess the roof tiles are due up tomorrow or Monday.

1// Front Door

2// Passage to Bedrooms

3// Kitchen

4// Rumpus through to Living Room

I must admit I'm a little funny about the ceiling height, we didnt raise them, and I'm feeling remorse. But.. we just didnt budget for it and I know I'm over reacting, I mean the plaster isnt even up.

To anycase, its going up so FAST!

I Trussess, The Windows and Porch Are Complete?

On the way home from getting my black cracked (having pretty bad back troubles atm) I drove by the block and took two photo's.
I'll post more when I head out there again with the Miss' for a proper look.
Maybe by then there might be some roof tiles?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Keeping An Eye On Our Surrounds

1// View From Our Back Mound

We've started to keep an eye on the development happening around the block, there is a huge amount of working being done in the area we're in.

I can see the amount of houses around us double, triple, etc within the next 6 - 12 months. Its going to turn into a thriving suburban hell. Lol.

So What Happens Now..

Okay, so the frame has been finished, bricks have since arrived and roof tiles are on their way this week. Windows are there and trusses are ready and raring. This week should be huge!

It will be amazing to see what happens by this time next week!

5// Outdoor room is really spacious

4// Rumpus Room Windows

3// View From Foothpath 2

2// Entry Way

1// View From Front Footpath

We've Been Framed I Tells Ya! (5/5)

3// Bedroom 2 Robe

2// Bedroom 2

1// Toilet Suite

We've Been Framed I Tells Ya! (4/5)

4// Bathroom

3// Laundry with sliding door

2// Bedroom 3 Robe

1// View From Bedroom 3

We've Been Framed I Tells Ya! (3/5)

4// Bedroom 3 continued...

3// Bedroom 3 (hard to take a photo that presents the size, but this feels huge)

2// Outdoor Room we will be cementing this area and go out on both side about 2.5 metres with outdoor tiling

1// Rumpus Room with massive window spaces

We've Been Framed I Tells Ya! (2/5)

Remember, start at the bottom and go up..

4// Dining Space - Once again, dwalf wall has now been installed

3// Rumpus - The dwalf walls have been finished since taking this photo

2// Lounge Room with two large windows

1// Kitchen - Pipes are the drainage from the kitchen bench floating there with the oven and stove on the wall behind

We've Been Framed I Tells Ya! (1/5)

As promised, we've taken some photos of the frame that has been put up, our carpenter had a week off due to personal troubles. Hence the week of radio silence. So all good.

Anyway, you'll note the photos will start from the bottom and go upwards, so keep that in mind as the photos do flow from room to room through the house.

4// Ensuite on the left, Walk in robe on the right

3// Master Bedroom

2// Sitting Room

1// Entry Passage from Carport to Entry Way