Monday, October 26, 2009

Higher Res Plaster (5/5)

1// Current Frontage

2// Finished Brick

3// Bedroom 2 Robe

4// Plasterers Finishing Up

5// Down Pipes Are In

So, this week is a short one in Bendigo due to the local Bendigo Cup on Wednesday.
However, we've been advised that the kitchen and cupboards throughout the property will start going in this week along with the architraves which has been delivered and doors.
I guess this will get it ready for a paint.
Then I'm guessing tiles, fittings then carpet. Bang! We're In!

Higher Res Plaster (4/5)

1// Bath

2// Laundry

3// Bedroom 2

4// Bathroom Shower Base

5// Toilet

Higher Res Plaster (3/5)

1// Rumpus
2// Kitchen & Living Room (I Attempted To Join Photos)

3// Bedroom 3

4// Bedroom 3 Robes

5// Passage

Higher Res Plaster (2/5)

1// Sitting Room

2// Walk Through From Garage (with Walk In Linen)

3// Walk In Linen

4// Entrance & Passage

5// Kitchen

Higher Res Plaster (1/5)

As promised, photos of the plastered works in a higher res from an actual camera, the plasterers must have gone through on Friday and completed most of the jointing.

1// Walk In Robe

2// Master Bedroom

3// Sitting Room

4// Ensuite

5// Master Bedroom Again

Friday, October 23, 2009

We Got Plastered This Week (4/4)

Right, so thats the photos for now. We've been advised that the plasterers will be done today and the carpenters will go in at the start of the next week, kitchen will go in next week (expecting it to be done by half way through the week after). From then, I guess laundry and bathrooms. Then tiles? Painting?
1// Carport Entrance

2// Carport

3// Finished Brick

We Got Plastered This Week (3/4)

1// Master Bedroom (its hard to show the space in here...)

2// Shutter space leading to the laundry bathroom, toilet and bedrooms 2 & 3
3// Toilet

4// Bathroom

5// Shutter space between the living room and rumpus (.. I cant wait to see the shutters, so sweet)

We Got Plastered This Week (2/4)

Apologies, I think I've mixed the photos up, and because I'll have new ones on the weekend I'm not going to sort them. And thats that.

1// Pantry

2// Kitchen Cavity

3// Dining Room

4// Sitting Room

5// Ensuite Bathroom

We Got Plastered This Week (1/4)

I did my usual Thursday excursion and forgot the camera again, so we're going to have to put up with iphone photos until the weekend comes along.

1// Ensuite and Walk In Robe

2// Passage To Living Room

3// Living Room

4// Walk In Robe

5// Phone Connection

Monday, October 19, 2009

Master Bedroom

Kicking around idea's for the master bedroom, we aren't wanting to spend much on a new bed package as we'll obviously upgrade later. As per everything I guess when it comes to it, but we're being cheap about the package anyway, but will spend a little on the mattress.

Below are three packages and an idea for storage for under the wall mounted TV.
1// Wall Mounted Dropdown Cupboard (really sleek when you see them on the wall, perfect for holding the DVD's and a bit of bedroom fandangle)

2// Bedroom Set 1 (I think this is MY favourite because of the head piece, wife isnt so sold as its so low and has the shelf all the way around)

3// Bedroom Set 2 (I'm not really sold on the frosted white glass tops, but the wife likes it)

4// Bedroom Set 3 (I 'like' it but don't know about my feelings towards the leather head piece)

Entrance & Passage

When we we're checking out the display homes, you really realise how much an extrance either grabs you by the short and hairy bits and just gives you a biff with a soggy wet trout. Your opinion of the house/home is 70% decided within moments.

So I'm sold on the entrance way having a sideboard with accoutrements such as large vase, mobiles stand and a bowl for your keys. Everyone should have a bowl for your keys, otherwise how do you know where your keys are??

Now we're thinking in time we would put a funky wall paper on the entrance wall or maybe a feature wall on the left handside as you walk in, the entrance way has our bedroom double door on the right and the open games room on the right.

1// Sideboard One (small drawer space and not really sold on the legs)

2// Sideboard Two (we would be able to use it as an actual sideboard with attractive glassware and kitchen pieces)

3// Sideboard Three (maybe a little plain and short?)

4// Large Wide Entrance Mirror (no entrance is complete without a huge mirror to 'check yo self' on the way out or in)