Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Brick Mortar


Ends out that the mortar has been done in rolled and not raked.

Had a conversation with our SS who is getting back to us with some idea's of something they can do in lieu of the tiny hiccup. He was really really good about it and I must admit I feel bad for causing a huff. But as my wife has noted, its not like buying a $30 cake, its a $300,000 home.

So I guess some things are worth fighting for?

To anycase, I think the brickies are well on their way to being done and our SS advised that plaster would start going up on Friday/Monday and we'd be locked out next week sometime.

I have to say that the work they are doing is fantastic, they're going like a bull at a gate and are being very understanding and professional I can't say enough for them.


  1. I totally agree with you on this, if you can live with it, move on...

  2. Interesting one. We want it raked too, i'll keep an eye out on this one.. I would be really fussed if they rolled it, its 2 very different finishes .. but yeah depends what can be done bout it now ..

  3. we've heard back from our ss and we've secured some bunnings vouchers.. I think we're happy with it. our ss has been very good and got back to us pretty quick.