Monday, October 19, 2009

Entrance & Passage

When we we're checking out the display homes, you really realise how much an extrance either grabs you by the short and hairy bits and just gives you a biff with a soggy wet trout. Your opinion of the house/home is 70% decided within moments.

So I'm sold on the entrance way having a sideboard with accoutrements such as large vase, mobiles stand and a bowl for your keys. Everyone should have a bowl for your keys, otherwise how do you know where your keys are??

Now we're thinking in time we would put a funky wall paper on the entrance wall or maybe a feature wall on the left handside as you walk in, the entrance way has our bedroom double door on the right and the open games room on the right.

1// Sideboard One (small drawer space and not really sold on the legs)

2// Sideboard Two (we would be able to use it as an actual sideboard with attractive glassware and kitchen pieces)

3// Sideboard Three (maybe a little plain and short?)

4// Large Wide Entrance Mirror (no entrance is complete without a huge mirror to 'check yo self' on the way out or in)

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