Thursday, October 8, 2009

Heading Out There Tonight!?!

We headed out late last night and it was too dark for photos, so we'll be heading out there tonight to take some photos and go inside for possibly the last time.

Temp doors are on but they were open last night, hopefully they wont lock them tonight.

Bath had been installed too and the shower bases looked like they were next, starting to really feel the size of the rooms now.

Next door has got their weather wrapping up and it feels a little tighter down our second driveway where I am planning on putting down a tar basketball court setup for my basketball ring. Concerned that there won't be enough room, so hoping it was just that it was dark.

Also, the tree's at the back of the property have been felled by developers so really feeling like everything is closing in on our little oasis.

To anycase, photo's will abound tomorrow.

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