Monday, October 26, 2009

Higher Res Plaster (5/5)

1// Current Frontage

2// Finished Brick

3// Bedroom 2 Robe

4// Plasterers Finishing Up

5// Down Pipes Are In

So, this week is a short one in Bendigo due to the local Bendigo Cup on Wednesday.
However, we've been advised that the kitchen and cupboards throughout the property will start going in this week along with the architraves which has been delivered and doors.
I guess this will get it ready for a paint.
Then I'm guessing tiles, fittings then carpet. Bang! We're In!


  1. We are also building with metricon in ballarat.
    We like your blog and been following for while.
    Just checking in your house if there is exhaust fan in ensuite and bathroom included as standard inclusion.

  2. Your bricks look really good with the dark downpipes & roofing. :)

  3. yeah standard exhaust fans in the ensuite and bathroom, we didnt go for an IXL tastic or alike for some reason..