Monday, October 19, 2009

Hobby Room Ideas

In Bedroom 3, we're planning on setting up a hobby room for my wife, she makes bags of all sizes and has now started getting into plush toys and a little bit of clothes.

So here is a few idea's we picked up for setting her up in there. All of the furniture pieces come in same range of colours (glossy white, black or red) and are interchangeable.

1// Desk Idea 1/2 (the advantage here is more table top space)

2// Desk Idea 2/2 (the advantage here is extra drawer space)

3// Bookcase (also comes in 3 and 4 rows and different amounts of columns)

4// Cupboard Inset (this is where it get ingenious, you can add these to any the open spaces)

5// Drawer Inset (the insets come in the aforementioned glossy white, red and black)

With this in mind we'd probably setup a basic white table for her to be able setup her works, and leave the desk area for her laptop and other bits and pieces. This would mean the room would have a desk possibly two or our click clack futon couch and a bookcase. We'd possibly would setup a pinboard, white board for her to plan out what she is making and make that the feature wall.

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