Monday, October 19, 2009

Master Bedroom

Kicking around idea's for the master bedroom, we aren't wanting to spend much on a new bed package as we'll obviously upgrade later. As per everything I guess when it comes to it, but we're being cheap about the package anyway, but will spend a little on the mattress.

Below are three packages and an idea for storage for under the wall mounted TV.
1// Wall Mounted Dropdown Cupboard (really sleek when you see them on the wall, perfect for holding the DVD's and a bit of bedroom fandangle)

2// Bedroom Set 1 (I think this is MY favourite because of the head piece, wife isnt so sold as its so low and has the shelf all the way around)

3// Bedroom Set 2 (I'm not really sold on the frosted white glass tops, but the wife likes it)

4// Bedroom Set 3 (I 'like' it but don't know about my feelings towards the leather head piece)

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