Monday, October 5, 2009

Raked n Rolled

We have had our first little slip up, for some reason after our Studio M consulation it was put down that we wanted our brick mortar to be 'Rolled'. Noticing this when we met out SS, we changed it to 'Raked'.

As the Brickies have been onsite for half a week now, the bricks unfortunately have been 'Rolled'.

Its a mess up, but I think we'll just let it ride, theres no cost difference and we don't want to muck them about on such a small issue.

1// With Raking the mortar is racked out deeper, showing off the brick more

2// As you can see, the mortar is rounded before the brick is placed, squashing the mortar out

3// Our bricks are 'Homestead Tan' from the Austral standard range

4// As you can see they are blasting their way through! We've been advised the bricks should be done by the end of the week and we may be locked out


  1. you know I must be daft because I just can't see the diff, obviously i would in person, but maybe it won't be a big deal. I guess if you were going to render it would be a bigger deal... place is looking really great, the bricks do look good, obviously cleaned they'll look fab!

  2. thanks annie, yeah i love the bricks! they seem to be taking good time spreading the colour too which is good.