Monday, November 30, 2009

Dining Room Pendant

Just had a call from the electrician wanting to meet us onsite tomorrow with our large pendant (as pictured below) and our features for over the kitchen bench.

Running to bunnings tonight to grab an outside spotlight...

1// Illusion 2 Tier Chandalier

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Win! Go To The Top Of The Tile! (3/3)

Okay, last set of tiles photos.

Now, our SS has advised that all fittings should be arriving this week, which includes the basins, faucets, shower cavities, oven, rangehood, etc. He said he is expecting these to be installed by the end of the week so that the plumbers will go in next week, followed by finishing the paint works, electrical works and we should have our first inspection completed.

We should know by the 11th of December 2009 if we will be in before xmas!!

1// Bathroom I
2// Bathroom Shower
3// Bathroom II
4// Bathroom III

Win! Go To The Top Of The Tile! (2/3)

1// Pantry
2// Kitchen Splash
3// Dining Room (sorry about the darkness of the shot, better ones later)
4// Laundry (once again sorry about darkness)
5// Toilet Suite

Win! Go To The Top Of The Tile! (1/3)

Well, I'm hoping it was okay for us to go through the property on Friday..

Here are the iphone photo's we took, tiles are down, and looking pretty dang good..

Whats everyone's point of view on our choices?

1// Entrance Tiles
2// Ensuite Floor Tiles
3// Ensuite Shower
4// Entrance From Garage
5// Living Room

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tile Me Down!

I poked my head in and noticed that theyve started laying tiles! Woohoo!

Rang up the SS and organised to meet him out there tomorrow to have a meeting and see where we're at!

Cement Ya! - An' Throw Ya In The River!

1// Driveway

2// Front Portico

3// Entrance Pathway

4// Laundry To Clothes Line (Note that we've had to have a 'jut out' where the hot water service sits)

5// Toilet Water Storage

Bathroom, Ensuite and Laundry

I'll need to take some actual photos of these cabinets because you cant see the texture of the bench tops which we REALLY love. The only other thing is that obviously they are dusty and what not so they dont appear as 'sexy' as they should just yet.

1// Laundry Bench (yes, thats all we've put in - its just 1 1/2 cupboard space)

2// Bathroom Cabinet

3// Ensuite Cabinet

Kitchen Installed

Hey Everyone!

Been too long between drinks I know, but here is a splash of Iphone photos from different periods during the 'blackspot' between blogs.

These photos were taken straight after their installation.
1// Inside Floating Bench Colours

2// Fridge Space (There has been a mix up, we had added a fridge space but they haven't installed it. There is now a dispute about the over hang of the bench and the fridge space)

3// Inside Large Drawers (we are planning on buying dividers from IKEA that will make use of these drawers for pots, pans and dishes)

4// Outside Floating Bench Overview

More photos coming, we're meeting with the SS tomorrow afternoon so we will have 'actual' photos shots rather than the murky iphone shots so you can see some more detail in the colours etc.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Finishing Corners

A few pic's I took with the Iphone probably about 2 weeks ago now, time does get away. We haven't been out to the block for a little due to illness and what not.

So in these pics, the cornices are done and roof and plaster is pretty much completed, I'll be uploading some more photos in the next couple of days of the doors that have been installed including our front door.

Also this week we will be going through to look at the kitchen cupboards, laundry, bathroom and ensuite basins and cupboards and to have a catch up with the SS. So hopefully more info then.

We have been advised that we will be pushing for a pre-xmas completion date.

1// Rumpus (cannot WAIT to see those beautiful shutters in there)

2// Kitchen
3// Passage to bedroom, laundry, etc
4// Bedroom 2
5// Bathroom