Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kitchen Installed

Hey Everyone!

Been too long between drinks I know, but here is a splash of Iphone photos from different periods during the 'blackspot' between blogs.

These photos were taken straight after their installation.
1// Inside Floating Bench Colours

2// Fridge Space (There has been a mix up, we had added a fridge space but they haven't installed it. There is now a dispute about the over hang of the bench and the fridge space)

3// Inside Large Drawers (we are planning on buying dividers from IKEA that will make use of these drawers for pots, pans and dishes)

4// Outside Floating Bench Overview

More photos coming, we're meeting with the SS tomorrow afternoon so we will have 'actual' photos shots rather than the murky iphone shots so you can see some more detail in the colours etc.

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