Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Look For Final Stages In 2010

You'll notice that I've changed the colour palette slightly, still set out the same way. Hope its not too bland for you all. Happy new year anyway.

So 2009 Ends

Just thought I'd pop out and have a look (knowing nothing would be done due to the holiday period). Funny how you just want to see it again. Been thinking about being in the house more and more over the past few days. Wifey has said that its the limbo period which we've experienced numerous times now from travelling and moving a few times. It still amazes me that we will have such a sweet home.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Always In For A 'Chaise'

This is the chaise we've got, it links in with the three seater which it will be opposite too and our two seater which will go into the sitting (game) room.
Notice the 'RED' theme will continue in the living room, we haven't bought the ottomans yet but probably will be a couple much the same as the one in the photo or something like that.

Tick .. Tock .. Tick .. Tock ...

Just thought I'd put a photo of one of the finished Santorini display homes on my blog...

To show how I'm just sitting here, looking at the photos of our journey to where we are now and thinking about the two to three weeks until we will be decorating our own living room.

We purchased a 5 seater chaise which we will put in the living room to bring the seating around to look a little more squarely at the TV, hopefully it will not block the room in because we love the open feeling of the kitchen to living room to dining.. *sigh*.. not too much longer..

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Xmas Eve Update

We went out and peeked through the windows last night..

What we found done (with/without ongoing issues):
+Gas and Cool have been through and installed the heating vents and most of the cooling vents.
+Roof tiles have been water proofed, but there is patches of the original mortar sprinkled over the tiles so it doesnt look finished
+Cleaners have also come through and cleaned up the floor tiles and walls tiles, but the outdoor room still has plaster marks
+Painters have put the final coats on, but the front door is still white on the inside instead of red both sides. But I dont know if they are done as the faceplates to power points and lights have not been put back on
+Bath tiles have been fixed
+HWS is installed and water tanks have arrived

So the place is looking almost done! It is really looking so much tighter now the roof has been waterproofed.

What we found yet to be done:
+But its a little disapointing that they havent cleaned the tiles up of the original mortar, I'm sure they just need to finish up.
+The rangehood needs to be installed along with the retiling of the kitchen splash backs
+Galvanised yard arm isnt going to be installed (we will get our own and sell the one supplied)
+Letterbox colour is going to be changed to black

Other than the issues we've raised before about skirting boards and dining room floor tiles there is nothing that seems to be outstanding from the issues that we've worried about.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Basins, Faucets and Troughs

The back sliding door was open, I'm guessing from the SS leaving it that way for us to come through? To anycase we ended up closing a few windows that had been left open on our way out anyway.

1// Laundry Trough
2// Kitchen (bit blurry I know, iphone photos)
3// Ensuite Basin
4// Bathroom Basin

Friday, December 18, 2009

Finishing Coats... (2/2)

6// Garage Sliding Door
7// Beautiful Red Door (this is meant to be both sides, but they have the ceiling colour on the inside, will need to remind them that its red BOTH sides)

8// Electrical Box

9//Ensuite and Bathroom Windows

10// Rumpus Room

Finishing Coats ... (1/2)

1// Outdoor Room

2// Hot Water Service

3// Garage Door

4// Outdoor Room

5// Bedroom 2, Toilet, Bathroom and Laundry Windows

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Peeking Through The Windie.. I see..

Well its just started to rain here after a couple of days of pure heat... So they have laid the cement as you can see from the last post, and looking through the windows, they have started to do the plumbing, so faucets in the kitchen and bathroom so far! As I pulled up the new kitchen overhead cupboards were being brought in. The SS has advised us that the current ones were too big, hence, the rangehood would be shorter than the cupboards, which is a no go. Meanining, they are pulling out the cupboards and the tiles and its a complete redo, I hope it comes together as well as it did first time (but obviously the correct heights)... P.S The bathroom and kitchen faucets look AWESOME!?!

1// Issues with the roof tiles.. the back righthand side looks perfect compared to the rest.. Waiting on the waterproofing to be satisfied... 2// Peeking through the outdoor room door you can see the cupboards that have just been delivered and on the bench is our oval kitchen faucet... sweeet! 3// If you look through the mud on the window you can see our 'mod' bathroom faucet..

Wet Cement!

Snuck out to have a look and look whats been done! CEEEMENT HAS BEEN LAID!! ... in the rain?

1// Driveway

2// Basic Pathway to Entrance
3// Beautiful facade, cant wait to see the updowns showing off at night

4// Cement for Water tanks for toilet system (note pizza box to prevent water damage from downpipe)

5// Laundry Pathway (we have been advised that the yard arm they supply is grey, if this is correct we will keep it and sell it and buy on of those ones that go against your fence and pop up in the interest of space saving)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Walkthrough (7/7)

31// Bedroom 3 Standard Size Robes

32// Laundry

33// More Std Door Furniture

34// Bedroom 3 - our carpet choice has come up spectacular I think

Walkthrough (6/7)

26// Bathroom Shower

27// Bath Tiling

28// Bathroom Tiles (very happy with how the colours have come together)
29// Bathroom Basin

30// Standard Toilet

Walkthrough (5/7)

21// Family Room

22// Passageway to Bedroom 3 and Laundry

23// Rumpus

24// Standard Light Cover

25// Bedroom 2 Std Size Robes

Walkthrough (4/7)

16// Inside Colours of Kitchen Bench

17// Stove and Tiles of Kitchen Bench

18// New Fridge Space has been installed at a price (although this doesnt matter as all the tiles will need to be taken off and re layed when the cupboards are resized)

19// Kitchen Colours (will look so much better when the rangehood and faucets are installed due to silver being the connecting colour)

20// Walk in pantry

Walkthrough (3/7)

11/ Entrance From Carport

12// Main tile and Kitchen Bench outside colour

13// Standard Door stop and standard door handle

14// Our issue with the skirting boards needs to be raised as yet
15// Kitchen Pantry