Thursday, December 10, 2009

I like shower frames, mirrors & stoves

Just a quick blog for now, wifey and I went through last night and saw that alot had been done.

The soil from the cutting in has been evened out along the sides and in our outdoor room and the dunny had been moved due to an 'issue' i belive. So the front has been evened out too.

Roof tiles appear to have been remortared, but still appear terrible.

Bathroom fittings have been installed including toilets, mirror and shower frames.

98.7% of the electrical work has been done, just a few downlights left, maybe a plug cover, rangehood was about to be installed.

However, there is no air conditioner vents or heating vents been cutt in at this stage.. not sure why that hasnt been completed?

Stove is in, and looking sexy, makes the kitchen come together now with the colours, much the same as the bathroom as the bath has been placed back in and you can see the colours coming together.

Okay, enough blabber, I'll be putting the photos of all of the above on tonight....

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