Thursday, December 17, 2009

Peeking Through The Windie.. I see..

Well its just started to rain here after a couple of days of pure heat... So they have laid the cement as you can see from the last post, and looking through the windows, they have started to do the plumbing, so faucets in the kitchen and bathroom so far! As I pulled up the new kitchen overhead cupboards were being brought in. The SS has advised us that the current ones were too big, hence, the rangehood would be shorter than the cupboards, which is a no go. Meanining, they are pulling out the cupboards and the tiles and its a complete redo, I hope it comes together as well as it did first time (but obviously the correct heights)... P.S The bathroom and kitchen faucets look AWESOME!?!

1// Issues with the roof tiles.. the back righthand side looks perfect compared to the rest.. Waiting on the waterproofing to be satisfied... 2// Peeking through the outdoor room door you can see the cupboards that have just been delivered and on the bench is our oval kitchen faucet... sweeet! 3// If you look through the mud on the window you can see our 'mod' bathroom faucet..

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