Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Progress Report

Was going to organise to meet SS out on block on Wednesday as we had started to get a regular meeting time happening.

However, he has advised that he believes his contractors will have carpet, basins, taps and showers completed on Thursday.

In the interest of not having built up hopes being dashed we have organised to meet him on the following Monday.

It seems that we he means Thursday, it doesn't mean Thursday, it means in the next week. So this will give them a little more time.

Wife and I are a little concerned about a few issues:

- Roof tiles have been installed with a grey mortar and seem to be being painted over, it appears harsh and unattractive ( far)
- A number of floor tiles in the dining room appear to be raised
- Skirting boards seem to be excessively bowed
- Wrong letter box colour arrived (part of the package)
- Wrong yard arm has arrived (part of the package)
- Fridge cupboard which we had added after initial meeting with SS and not installed when benches and cupboards were installed have not been adjusted and fitted

SS still believes he has a chance for pre xmas, I can't believe that that would be possible in the current unpresentable state that it is in. I guess we will have a better idea on Monday 14th December 2009 (8 working days from xmas).

He also stated that they only stop working for the 4 days of xmas but we have since been advised by the office that he is away until the 11th January 2010. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining that he is taking time off for xmas, OR that we want our house NOW. I'm angry that we are being sold 'pork pies' instead of holesome truthful shephards pie.,,

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