Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Xmas Eve Update

We went out and peeked through the windows last night..

What we found done (with/without ongoing issues):
+Gas and Cool have been through and installed the heating vents and most of the cooling vents.
+Roof tiles have been water proofed, but there is patches of the original mortar sprinkled over the tiles so it doesnt look finished
+Cleaners have also come through and cleaned up the floor tiles and walls tiles, but the outdoor room still has plaster marks
+Painters have put the final coats on, but the front door is still white on the inside instead of red both sides. But I dont know if they are done as the faceplates to power points and lights have not been put back on
+Bath tiles have been fixed
+HWS is installed and water tanks have arrived

So the place is looking almost done! It is really looking so much tighter now the roof has been waterproofed.

What we found yet to be done:
+But its a little disapointing that they havent cleaned the tiles up of the original mortar, I'm sure they just need to finish up.
+The rangehood needs to be installed along with the retiling of the kitchen splash backs
+Galvanised yard arm isnt going to be installed (we will get our own and sell the one supplied)
+Letterbox colour is going to be changed to black

Other than the issues we've raised before about skirting boards and dining room floor tiles there is nothing that seems to be outstanding from the issues that we've worried about.

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