Monday, June 14, 2010





Wednesday, February 24, 2010


We are in!

Just thought I'd quickly blog, as we don't have internet yet (should be in the next few days) blogs and forums have become last priority.

But I'll get some photos up soon with pics of our furniture in.. coming to terms with the fact it will be another year or so until the right furniture is in the right spot... but its all exciting

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dragging On...

We are awaiting contact from our bank to confirm that the payment has been made, as soon as the payment has gone through we can conduct the handover.

Last night during the thunderstorm out here we decided it would be good to check on the progress of the house. The property has had a lot of work, including finishing of tiles, repainting of the front door and our cornices have been fixed (we think - couldnt be sure through the window).


...we are waiting....


Saturday, February 6, 2010

No Cheque?

As we are in country Victoria we do not have a local branch to pick up our cheque!

So the option is that we have it paid directly from the bank to Metricon, it does take away our power to say that we do not want to pay until certain works have been completed. But its our only choice.

We have organised for our wooden shutters between our rumpus and main living room to be installed, along with our en-suite, toilet and bathroom blinds. This should be done by Tuesday morning of this coming week.

Bank inspection of property was booked in for yesterday (Friday) at 9:15PM? Possibly a PM to AM glitch there. But as far as we know, its been completed.

Hence, our bank payment should start on Monday and hopefully completed by Tuesday/Wednesday, leaving us for a Wednesday/Thursday handover!!!!!

We have organised for time off work, leaving current rental on the 17th February 2010 and have friends and family more than graciously offering their time and hands...

..we are on the cusp of home/morgage ownership here people!

Monday, February 1, 2010

I Walked Through...

We've completed our walkthough, marked our issues; mainly asthetic.

Certificate of occupancy should be done tomorrow.

But still we've been advised, 'next week'.

We now have to wait on the banks payment which can take up to 10 days!

When we walked through we were given a blue tape that we placed on the fittings, paint, walls, etc that we found issues with. This is to point out to contractors the issues that we want fixed before handover.

Mainly, cornices and small bumps in paint work, dots on the skirting boards from carpet laying, finishing of the kitchen splashback (due to extra tiles being ordered), letter box to be installed...

No photos, but obviously we will get them up as soon as we do handover, and there may be, possibly, some happy faces that creep into those shots...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Profile Shots

1// Profile Shot 1 (Waiting For Walkthrough - Wednesday 27th January 2010)

2// Profile Shot 2

3// Profile Shot 3

4// Profile Shot 4

We Have Mail? Oh And Tanks!

1// Grey Water System (concerned about the powercord being stretched, are they leaving it like this?)

2// 2x1,000litre Grey Water Tanks

3// We Have Mail?

Some Pics From Last Week

1// Kitchen & Pendants

2// Bathroom

3// Feature Pendants In Kitchen

4// Kitchen Tiles Need Replacing (my question, will they remove the current tiles and relay or will they just slap tiles in?)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oh Fencive

Fences have started going up on the property to our left, we are still organising out back fence. Unfortunatley there will be a wait on the right hand side fence as the owner has his fence money locked into his loan. Yes, thats crap and he should be able to organise to make the payment, but. Somehow we will need to contain our dogs until that time.

1// Nice width for a Basketball court and second driveway
2// Inbetween back two fence posts, trying to get an idea of space

Pendant Lights Installed

We have contacted the SS today, he is letting us through tonight, so I will take better photos than these ones through the windows. But, our pendants have been installed, and.. I think I like it.

1// Pendants!
2// Pendants!! (2)


During our waiting period over the holidays we have been looking at purchasing a few things for the house, the supplied washing line is galvanised and not very attractive. And we had vouchers for our dishwasher from our wedding (thanks family and friends!?!)

1// Our Preferred Clothesline (the galvanised version offered as part of our package isn't to our asthetic liking)

2// This is the LG Dishwasher that we were barganing for @ Good Guys (Note the final offer tag)
3// We paid approximately $725 for the same model @ Harvey Normans