Monday, February 1, 2010

I Walked Through...

We've completed our walkthough, marked our issues; mainly asthetic.

Certificate of occupancy should be done tomorrow.

But still we've been advised, 'next week'.

We now have to wait on the banks payment which can take up to 10 days!

When we walked through we were given a blue tape that we placed on the fittings, paint, walls, etc that we found issues with. This is to point out to contractors the issues that we want fixed before handover.

Mainly, cornices and small bumps in paint work, dots on the skirting boards from carpet laying, finishing of the kitchen splashback (due to extra tiles being ordered), letter box to be installed...

No photos, but obviously we will get them up as soon as we do handover, and there may be, possibly, some happy faces that creep into those shots...


  1. good onya monkeys, good to see you at the end of the process, just wondering, what did you pay for your greywater (I'll assume "upgrade")? Is it one where you can keep water for a while (like a maintenance pump, or do you have to empty it every couple of days???)

  2. wow wow wow! good on ya mate! .. congrats! .. what does the excito-meter show? its probably at max :) .. good luck with the move and setup .. will see some pics then? cheers :)